Welcome to my WebSDR. It is located in Wismar in the north of Germany (JO53RV) and operated by Frank Goehling (DO7AX), e-mail: hamradio(a*t)goehling.de. There are four RTL2823U USB dongles with three Ham It UP up-converters for 80m/40m/20m and a RTL2832U for the 2m Band. The Antenna for 80/40/20m is a 84 meters Delta Loop at a height of 10 meters above the ground with a 1.6-32MHz bandpass filter prior the receivers. For the 2m Band is a Diamond X-200 antenna 10 meters above the ground.
Special thanks to Pieter-Tjerk, (PA3FWM) for providing the WebSDR software used on this site and to Dan (YO3GGX) for the great Pocket RxTx App. Only the main page of this WebSDR was customized a bit by myself. More information about the WebSDR project can be found on www.websdr.org. The time of the clock on the right menu is based on your computer's clock. When the time of your computer not accurate, then even not this clock!

This WebSDR is now available for the Android APP "Pocket RxTx"! : Pocket RxTx Free - Android app on Google Play and Pocket RxTx Pro - Android app on Google Play

My WeatherStation data:
Spodardic-E 50 MHz:
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