My WebSDR History

  • first... my own Ham Radio History
  • Since childhood, ham radio has been part of my life. My late father Hans Göhling (DM3KLA, DM3LA, DM2BVA,Y22VA) had his station at our home. I spent a lot of time there with him :).

    OM Hans - DM2BVA / Y22VA
    My late father Hans Göhling (DM2BVA later Y22VA)

    myself as a child
    myself as a child

    Years later, I started the training at the Club Station DM3TA for the ham radio license.

    One of my first written SWL QSL cards on the 11th of February 1982
    One of my first written SWL QSL cards on the 11th of February 1982
    One of my first written SWL QSL cards on the 11th of February 1982

    But then, my first bike and the girls... Suddenly, I did not have time for ham radio anymore. A few years later, after the big change in East Germany, I found the CB radio for a few years. But then the radio time was over for me.

  • First SDR steps
  • After a presentation (on the 9th of January 2018) to the current actions of the Wismars HAM Radio club relating of 90 years Ham Radio in Wismar (DM90AIW), presented by Uwe Hansen (DL2SWR), the ham radio fever returned after more than 35 years and I started to get informed about this topic online again.

    Since years ago I had a RTL2832U USB stick on stock. This stick is designed for DVB-T applications on the PC. Most of the time the stick was not used...
    Now I was looking for a suitable PC application to use the RTL SDR Stick on my PC to hear HAM Radio. And I found the SDR-Radio V3 on After first tests on the 2m band with the eaves gutter as antenna - I want to have more.

    I bought the Ham It Up Plus Barebones - HF Upconverter (with TCXO, ULF Support & Noise Source) to move the imput frequency up to a frequency which is usable on the RTL-SDR. For my eaves gutter antenna I wrapped a 1: 9 UnUn for connection to the gutter.

    My Shack - march 2018
    My Shack - march 2018

    The Ham It Up+ with a prior LNA4all HF and the RTL-SDR Sticks
    The Ham It Up+ with a prior LNA4all HF and the RTL-SDR Sticks

    The result was unfortunately not what I expected..
    Therefore I built a 33m long wire end fed antenna and mounted it at about 8m above ground to an old pipe and on the other side to the chimney of my house.
    Now I was able to receive stations from Europe - not only from Germany. I was satisfied...

    I knew from one of the emails from Uwe (DL2SWR) that there is a WebSDR at the University of Twente. I was thrilled with this project and wanted to learn more about I asked Pieter-Tjerk (PA3FWM) if he would provide me the software for the Websdr. He did it ... (Thanks a lot to Pieter-Tjerk)

    I built a small power-saving Linux PC with Ubuntu, installed the drivers for the RTL-SDR-Stick and also the WebSDR software. After some tests with the options of the program RTL_TCP and the settings in the websdr.cfg I could start the WebSDR.
    I've spent many days redesigning the frontend. My idea was to reproduce the design of a real receiver - as far as possible.
    I hope, I succeeded a little.

  • On March 6, 2018, the WebSDR Wismar was born! :) ...and listed on

  • The WebSDR Wismar was born

    Now running with two RTL-SDRs (80m and 2m), a 1.6-32MHz bandpass filter prior the 80m receiver and a VHF omni directional antenna with 30MHz highpass filter & notch 87-109MHz prior the 2m receiver.

    A few days later I built an antenna splitter (like DG9VH) so that I could connect two receivers to the EndFed antenna.

  • March 13, 2018
  • An additional RTL SDR with up-converter has now been connected for the 40m band.

  • March 15, 2018
  • I asked Dan (YO3GGX) if it possible to include the new "WebSDR Wismar" to the Pocket RxTx App for Android. Few hours later it was done and it was possible to use my WebSDR with the App (Many Thanks to Dan!).
    Pocket RxTx for Android

  • April 25, 2018
  • Installation of the FlagCounter from to see how many OM's are visiting my WebSDR. Two days later, I am very happy to see that more than 120 visitors from 22 different countries visited my simple page already :)
    Unfortunately, the FlagCounter cannot count the users of the Pocket RxTx App, because this is not calling the website - but I think that should be not a problem... :)

    FlagCounter after two days...